USA Trip

VIDEO: Deep South 2016

Having battled with a few rights issues, I have finally managed to post the video I made of my USA Road Trip last year. Shot it all on a GoPro, because I’m trendy like that. Enjoy the goosebumps. 


What goes on tour…

Some 38 days and six weeks have past since I was last on the shores of the Republic. My time, for now, has come to an end in the USA – with the final whistle being blown in Las Vegas and as they say “What goes on tour, stays on Kill’s Corner“.  (more…)

No rest for the wicked

Having staved off the dangers of College Station, we headed for our fifth state of the trip – Louisiana – where we would navigate the treacherous swamps and gators to find the mecca that is New Orleans. (more…)

Shoot first, ask questions later

From the hustle, bustle and beauty of Austin we headed down the road to College Station to do some coaching with the Texas A&M guys, pay tribute to Johnny Football and get a first hand lesson on the Second Amendment.  (more…)

Cookhouse – Cathcart – California

Whoever said the world is a small place has clearly never set foot in the great State of California. This is the land of opportunity where everything is bigger, better and brighter, especially for two small town South Africans from Cookhouse and Cathcart. (more…)