California here we come

“We’ve been on the run, Driving in the sun, Looking out for number 1, California here we come, Right back where we started from.”

For many teens of the mid and early 2000s, the theme song for the hit series The OC, is as nostalgic as ‘Go Go Power Rangers‘ or ‘Captain Planet he’s our hero’ from our younger days. The OC gave us what Entourage would in later a years, a look into the ideal life of the super wealthy living in one of the most beautiful part of the world. I finally get to see it, feel it and taste it as I jet off for the land once governed by the Terminator.

On Thursday 18 August 2016, I will fly Jason Derulo to a foreign land for the first time in my 27 years of existence as I head from OR Tambo to the city where all of Desiigner’s broads reside. From there I will be heading to the city made famous by Ron Burgundy and the Channel 4 news team – San Diego. I will join up with fellow Eastern Caper, Charlie Purdon, who has been playing rugby in the American PRO Rugby League for the San Diego Breakers. The two of us will be setting off on classic American Road Trip which will see us hit about nine States in a month. Basically living out the American Dream in the ultimate holiday and in the process giving Charles a regular dose of “Ja ma swaerie“, “Howzit pal“, “We’ll be there now now“, “Yussus” and “Blerrie hell this place is lekker“.

So Kill’s Corner is making a bigger comeback than Ser Gregor Clegane in Season 5 of Game of Thrones, only this time I won’t be providing you with witty and insightful sporting quips. Rather, I will be bludgeoning your minds with words, pictures and videos of my month long holiday in the States.

Consider this blog as my favour to you on a dour Monday afternoon in the office when you sweating out liquor from the weekend and getting a mouthful from your boss over some documents you have stapled incorrectly. Just when you think life could not get any worse in the office, log onto Kill’s Corner and read up about the San Diego Chargers vs Arizona Cardinals NFL game I watched live, my off chance meet cute with Jennifer Lawrence on Sunset Boulevard, my stumbling across Joe Dirt’s abandonment spot at the Grand Canyon, my night in Jerry Jones’ private suite at Cowboy Stadium or perhaps you just want to hear about what actually happens in Vegas.

Either way, I hope to be able to provide regular updates and ‘obvs’ I will be providing plenty of feedback on the different sports I stumble across in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

I am currently more excited than AB de Villiers with a bat on a flat deck, but at the same time riddle with the anxiety that I felt when I had to face Wayne Parnell in Grade 9 with just a cap on. You see I only learned how to do an EFT about four years ago, so online check-ins, passports, visas, customs and changing planes is as daunting as having to cage wrestle JJ Watt. Then again, the Austin’s have been in South Africa since 1839, so I am pretty sure I have some survival instincts buried deep beneath the chiseled surface of my upper torso.

Anyway, looking forward to touching down in A-Town on Friday morning and then getting onto the Sunshine State. Will be back in South Africa on September 25, hopefully the Rand can gain some Samson-like strength in this time so that I can at least share some tales of tour with you all over a beer instead of a glass of tap water.

*see above for an outline of our trip


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