The Gut Pass – Episode 1

Myself and Nick Tatham started a podcast called The Kick Pass a couple years back which was gaining some success…that was until time, distance and our lack of technological expertise caused it to take an indefinite sabbatical. I am trying to revive a similar thing with a spin off called The Gut Pass. Episode 1 is bound to be like JP Duminy’s batting, more miss than hit.

I will aim to do two a week, one review and one preview. Hopefully I can keep them in the region of 10 to 20 minutes and hopefully it will be as interesting, yet as useless as a Tamagotchi. No doubt there will be a few special guests chiming in from around the world to share their expert ramblings on top of my incredibly whimsical chirps.

Have a listen to the crudely put together episode 1 that was due out on Thursday 10 March, but got delayed by a day due to a lack of understanding in audio editing…as well as having to complete the tasks of my day job. Like the Southern Kings, lets hope this gets better and grows into a financially stable business.


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