Most fantastic fantasy

Over the weekend, I got together with a group of nine mates to pick our Fantasy Rugby teams for the upcoming Super Rugby season. Who do you think has compiled the best squad?

We playing a game called Fantasy Rugby Draft (, which is not your average fantasy rugby game. This is for the real fans. It is based on the various NFL fantasy gamesĀ in which you conduct your own draft. It is quite intense picking your squad with about an hour or two of skulduggery and general shenanigans taking place. This is not a case where every Tom, Dick and Harry gets to have Beauden Barret on their roster, once a player is picked, he is gone!

Its an awesome way to get involved in Super Rugby and a great way to pick up unknown talents. FRD even gives you a reason to stay interested in those boring Aussies derbies.

Starting lineups score you points (bench gets nothing…just there as back-up). Each starting lineup consists of: 3x Outside backs, 2x Midfielders, 1x Fly Half, 1x Scrum Half, 2x Loose Forward, 1 Lock, 1 x Front Row and your bench can be any combination you desire.

Check out the 10 squads below and cast your vote in the poll…

Teams 1

Teams 2


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