Doppelgangers: Sally Broad and…

Welcome to Doppelgangers, the new segment on Kill’s Corner where we find the long lost twin brothers of some unfortunate sportsman. 

Even though I have an IQ which is too high to be measured accurately by any test, I cannot do this on my own. No single man is powerful enough to conquer the world of Doppelgangers… heck even Justin Bieber has back up vocalists! So to my loyal Kill’s Corner fans (i.e. my mom) I ask you to please send in some suggestions for this section.

I got the ball rolling for the Dopplegangers a few weeks back on the Kill’s Corner Facebook page with a pic of Marty Banks and Saved by the Bell star Screech (click here). I’d like this to be a regular feature, but then I’d also like to score 50 every time I bat. Thus I may not be able to deliver on quantity with Dopplegangers, however quality will be as plentiful as rain in a Natal cricket season.

Our first Doppelganger is: Stuart Broad and Draco Malfroy. One casts spells, the other bowls them.

Stuart Malfroy



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