#1: Would you rather…

Would you rather…‘ is a new interactive and uncomfortably controversial segment on Kill’s Corner where you get to answer some incredibly impossible questions.

Kill’s Corner is back on track and burning up the internet like a veld fire in the Free State. So in the spirit of being hip hop and happening, the theme of this week’s ‘Would you rather...’ is current affairs.

Now whilst most of you legal eagles have been flooding social media with your opinions about a legless Olympic Gold Medalist, I’ve decided to look at some other aspects of the sporting world to stump you.

So in case you have been under a rock or bunking in a secret cave with Michael Jackson, Osama Bin Laden and Hansie Cronje for the past week, here’s what went down…

Hey Rohit, is that the way to the airport? Pic: Getty Images

Hey Rohit, is that the way to the airport?
Pic: Getty Images

Windies Cricket Debacle: The West Indies pulled out of their cricket tour to India after the fourth ODI with one ODI, a T20 and three Tests ahead of them. The reason? Well to cut a long story short, there was a blow up between the actual players, the West Indies Player Association and the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB). In essence it was about the players wanting more cash monies. What a smart move that was! The Windies players didn’t just bite the hand that feeds, they chomped the whole blaadie arm off! India are now refusing to ever tour the Windies again, they may also want to sue them for $65 million and there’s a chance that the core group of players who called the tour off will get banned from the IPL. There’s also talk that the WICB wan’t to ban the said core group of players which would leave them in more Dire Straits than Mark Knopfler heading into the World Cup!

Mario Balotelli

The brilliant signing of Mario Balotelli: Liverpool’s PR man must have sleepless nights. First he has to deal with the human rodent Suarez and as soon as they get rid of him in pops Mario Balotelli who is as about as subtle as the Titanic heading up the Fish River. He was signed from Milan about two months ago for £16 million and has only hit the back of the net once in about 700 minutes of football for the Anfield team. Paul Harris has a better strike rate than that with the ball! Another dismal on field performance on Wednesday night against Real Madrid in the Champions League at Anfield saw Balotelli get hauled off at half time by manager Brendan Rodgers. But if that wasn’t enough, he then proceeded to swap jerseys with Real Madrid defender Pepe as they headed into the tunnel…a real big ‘no no’ I’m lead to believe by the soccer fundis. This has left Liverpool fans more frustrated than a teenage boy with acne and braces at a school dance.

The Wallaby dressing room will be harrowing place for Michael Cheika

The Wallaby dressing room will be a harrowing place for Michael Cheika.

Herding cats in the Wallaby dressing room: Ah the Wallabies, the poor Wallabies. I reckon it’s tougher to be their coach than it is to coach Bafana. At least when you coach Bafana, you know you have the life expectancy of a rhinoceros, but when you coach the Aussies you have no idea when that axe is gonna come swinging down. With less than year to go to the Rugby World Cup, Australia have lost coach Ewan McKenzie (he resigned after their last gasp loss to the All Blacks in Brisbane) and have chucked Michael Cheika into the deep end with a European tour set to start in a few weeks. The tough part about coaching the Wallabies is dealing with alcohol infused children like Kurtley Beale and James O’Connor whilst also being forced to pick the likes of Saia Fainga’a and Nick Phipps in your starting lineup, because they your best available options. Shame, it’s easier to herd cats than sort out that lot.

There we go, I’ve laid it out for you to play it out.


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