NekNomination dream team

Unless you are a liberal hipster, a Neknomination sees you make a gees video of yourself chugging a beer and then nominating a couple of your mates to do the same. It’s the ultimate ‘buggers’ thing to do and brings great banter. Here are 10 sportsmen I’d love to see do a #NekNominate video…

1. David Boon (Australia – Cricket)

This bloke tops the list. He once downed 52 beers on the Aussies’ flight to England for the 1989 Ashes series. Enough said!

Not Guildford's first rodeo...

Not Guildford’s first rodeo…

2. Zac Guildford (New Zealand – Rugby)

When you hanging like Saddam Hussein on a Saturday morning, bantering with your mates on the couch, they are bound to ask you how pissed you got on a scale from one to Zac Guildford. He has confessed to being an alcoholic, although I think he’s a tad harsh on himself as a few big skops doesn’t exactly make you an alchy, however walking down the street naked and assaulting people in a drunken state probably puts you somewhere in that bracket.

3. Herschelle Gibbs (South Africa – Cricket)

Perhaps one of the single most talented sportsmen to walk the earth, a naturally gifted cricketer who on his day could mesmerise his opposition and captivate his audience with his dashing and fluent stroke play. Off the field, Hersh was more of a poor man’s Charlie Sheen. He’s been bust for smoking pot, shagged his way around the world and partied like a rockstar throughout his career to the extent that he scored a match winning 175 in the famous 438 game on the back of a huge night out. This was pointed out in his autobiography as well as in his post-match interview on the day when he said ‘Jis, but I had a moerse babelaas hey‘. A simple ‘Thank you Ricky’ would have sufficed after the Aussie skipper graciously decided to share the Man of the Match award which he had been given.

4. Michael Vick (USA – American Football/Dogfighter)

For years no one could come up with the answer to the Baha Men’s infamous question until in 2007 when Michael Vick confessed to letting the dogs out. Once a number one pick in the NFL draft and a phenomenal quarterback, Vick is a fine athlete. Whilst he hasn’t had many drinking problems in the past, he’s a tough cookie from the wrong side of the track who’s spent time in the slammer. Surely he can tie the dogs loose and make a NekNomination worth watching?

Tuffers...what a biscuit

Tuffers…what a biscuit

5. Phil Tufnell (England – Cricket)

Tuffers is a legend in his own unique way. A pony tail wielding, earring wearing, authority hating left arm spinner who was affectionately known as the ‘Cat’. Tuffers got his nickname from his uncanny ability to take naps in the change room whilst his team batted…90% of the time thanks to a bender the night before. He went to more pubs than he did net sessions and became a TV personality and celebrity after retiring. Never to far from a smoke and pint, a NekNomination would have been the Cat’s bread and butter.

6. John Daly (USA – Golf)

This man really is larger than life. His ridiculous pants match his behaviour and almost every image you can find of this guy on the internet has a cigarette in it. He is the notorious party boy in a sport that isn’t exactly impartial to a few dops. Rumour has it that he might have given up his love affair with the bottle? Guess he’ll have to change that if he gets nominated…

7. Jesse Ryder (New Zealand – Cricket)

This bloke has fallen off more wagons than he’s been on! Ryder looks like a really classic Kiwi lad, like Guildford, who enjoys a few pints now and then. As a cricketer he has the habit of getting himself in a bit of trouble when on the lash, but the tubby funster from the Black Caps looks like he’d add real value in a fines meeting.

Many a litre of lager has made it's way past that iconic tache!

Many a litre of lager has made its way past that iconic tache!

8. Merv Hughes (Australia – Cricket)

Cricket is the most beautiful game of them all and Merv is one of it’s most legendary characters. While Merv didn’t quite reach Boonie’s record, he was still well known to be a fan of the Aussie team sponsor XXXX. In fact he was the perfect brand ambassador; a burly fast bowler with a fiery attitude and sharp tongue, Merv was perhaps the most in your face cricketer of them all. Oh and he also boasts what is arguably the single greatest mustache of all time! NekNominations were invented by the Aussies and I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill Lawry’s hero big Merv wasn’t the first to do one!

9. Andre the Giant (France – Wrestling)

Don’t know much about André René Roussimoff? Well neither do I! Except for the fact that the Frenchman was once the highest paid wrestler in the WWF. The stories of his drinking seem as tall as he himself was. He once drank 16 bottles of wine within four hours before a wrestling match and he also reportedly once consumed 119 beers in six hours. That’s a remarkable 42 litres of beer which is a beer every three minutes! At 2.24 metres and 240 kilograms, he probably only got a little tipsy though. Sadly he passed away in 1993 so there’s more chance of Hashim Amla doing a NekNomination than Andre.

10. Nick Cummins (Australia – Rugby)

Ah the Honey Badger! This man has a way with words! Easily the best fella to interview in world sports, the Badger is always up for a laugh and says some of the most bizarre things. He oozes gees and would always be up for a down-down, as he showed on Australia’s end of year tour in 2013 when he copped a one match ban for going too big with Kurtley Beale and the boys. It’s safe to say that the Badger is my favourite rugby player at the moment and be prepared folks, cause you will hear a lot about this chap over the Super Rugby season!