Kill’s Corner – Fantasy Leagues

Super Rugby means two things – Fantasy Rugby and SuperBru – so I have decided to run my own pools on Kill’s Corner for some banter,general gees and of course bragging rights.

The tournament kicks off on the Valentines Day weekend and what better way to celebrate it with your loved one than by challenging him/her to a friendly bet over a Super Rugby match? Light some candles, throw a pre-cooked Woolies meal in the microwave, crack open a papsak and see which of you has the more knowledgable rugby brain. Fellas I can guarantee you that this will get you a whole heap of admin action!

Each week I will post some tips on who to pick for your team and who to back in your SuperBru. I will provide you with starting line-ups and weather conditions as well as my insightful knowledge…unless you guys start beating me, then I’m gonna have to throw in some curve balls with my advice! I will also do a Super Rugby preview with players and teams to look out for so that you don’t start off shooting from the hip.

Fantasy Rugby (

I’ve played fantasy rugby on numerous sites since 2003, but the one I keep going back to is – to me it’s the best by far. Maybe that has something to do with me finishing 17th in the world in 2010, but I mean hey, who’s counting?

You have 12 players in your squad (2x front row, 2x locks, 2x loosies, 2x halfbacks, 2x centres & 2x outside backs) with unlimited trades before the first round starts. There after you get extra trades in rounds 5, 9, 13, 17 and the playoffs, but don’t sweat about this cause I will be reminding you each week.

There is a salary cap so spend your money wisely! The beauty of Test Rugby is that it rewards attacking play, so your big point scorers are usually kickers, outside backs and hookers. Oh ya, it’s free to join and free to play, absolutely no sweat!

Every Monday of Super Rugby I will post an article with the latest standings from the Kill’s Corner division and report on other weekend happenings. I will also make note of any injuries and which teams have byes etc. On Thursday’s (i.e. before the round locks) I will post Team Lists and tips for the weekend.

Click here to sign up and register a team.

Once you’ve signed up you will need to join a division (league). The details are as follows:

Division Name: Kills Corner
Password: killscorner

Got it? Good! Now start selecting your dream team!

The scoring system for fantasy rugby

The scoring system for fantasy rugby

SuperBru – score predictions (

Arguably the most popular fantasy game online, SuperBru is very simple to work and understand. Each week you will be required to pick a results from each of the matches being played. You select which team you think will win and also the margin. E.g. in round one, you think the Sharks will beat the Bulls, so you select ‘Sharks by 7’.

You get 1 point for predicting the correct team to win, 0.5 points for getting within five points of the actual score margin and an additional Bonus Point for the person with the closest pick in the pool.

Reminders and info for SuperBru will be included in my previews and reviews along with the Fantasy Rugby. SuperBru is very easy and admin-free and is usually the most popular choice among you folk who are too busy to watch rugby because you wear suits and go to meetings.

Pool name: Kill’s Corner
Password: alumbeat

Reckon you can take me on? What are you waiting for? Give it a bash, sign up and let’s get tropical!


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